Photo: Orit Lavi, Poland 2004

Rudniki, on the way from Połaniec to Staszów
Photo: Orit Lavi, Poland 2004

Yuchasin is the Hebrew word for Genealogy. And this is what we offer: professional genealogy services.

Our services focus on probate genealogy: solicitors, executors and beneficiaries having difficulty settling an estate, may enjoy our expertise in proving eligibility to inherit, and in locating missing next of kin. We also provide Expert Opinion reports, proving due diligence.

Yuchasin is managed by Orit Lavi, a professional genealogist and a member of APGen – Association of Professional Genealogists. Orit Lavi is acknowledged by the Israeli Justice system as a Professional Genealogist and occasionally, she is appointed as Court Expert by the Israeli Family Court, or by District Courts settling appeals.

If you are a private individual, we may have contacted you because we believe you may be a legal heir of an unclaimed estate left in Israel. Or, it is possible that following a genealogy research, we believe that you may assist in tracing a legal heir. To erase doubts, we can show the Nomination Letter or Power of Attorney given to Orit Lavi by The Israeli Family or District Court, or Administrator General, or by the Administrator of the Estate (appointed by the Israeli Family Court).

Being an active genealogist since about 1996, Orit Lavi has acquired a vast experience in Jewish Eastern and central European research, Holocaust research, probate research and tracing heirs and relatives worldwide. She also performs on-site archival research, in Poland and other East European countries, and Israel.

Orit Lavi has a B.Sc. Cum Laude in Mathematics from Bar-Ilan University, and headed the Dean’s List for excellence in her MBA studies at Tel-Aviv University.


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